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  • How It Works

    What happens


    Register Online

    Sign up for your reading group. Get the book and attend the orientation meeting. 


    Read the book

    Do the preliminary reading, before attending first meeting.


    Attend & Engage

    Attend all five sessions. Ask your questions, and engage the discussion group.

  • What to expect:

    Each meeting, we will have a structured discussion about the reading. You will receive an outline for the text, and weekly handouts and notes. We will explore the philosophical foundations, research the backdrop of the content, and engage questions about its relevance and place today.

    What is the motivation behind this grouping:

    As a college professor and academic, I work towards facilitating learning and challenging thinking. In my teaching philosophy, I advocate for the development of one's learning agency. These reading groups are for individuals who want to enrich their intellectual experience. This reading group will take the form of traditional tertiary-level seminars found primarily in the Westminster system. This reading group is not affiliated with any university or college institution, and as such will engage content that is available outside of the academic institutions. The goal of these groups is to bring you closer to your personal intellectual goal, making philosophy and intellectualism accessible.

  • MA: Montgomery County

    If you are in Bethesda Area, this place is for you

    PA: Bucks County

    If you are in the Yardley, Morrisville and Falls Township Area. This is the place for you.

    MA: Montgomery County

    If you are in the Germantown/Clarksburg area, this place is for you.

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    Don't see your area?

    Want to bring the group to you?

    Learn more about what we do, and send me an email.