• Leitermann-Long Clan Family Trip

    Jamaica , 2019

  • About the trip

    Look out Thanksgiving 2019 - Jamaica here we come.


    Planning an official trip of relaxation and exploration, with blue seas, history and just enough luxury. I think that's the way to do it.


    As we get closer to the date, we'll poll to see the where we are going. But I estimate this will run us collectively $18,000.


    But don't worry there is a plan. I've started a PayPal savings pool for our target. Deposit monthly approximately $120 per couple, to ensure that we have the funds locked for a possible Thanksgiving trip in 2019. If we decide collectively to do something else or cancel - money will be refunded. So there is a money back guarantee.

  • Where we could go.

    If you have any suggestion, let Peta know and she will add the link and description here:

    When you’re staying in a villa, you’ll quickly feel at home in Treasure Beach. Expect complete strangers to say, ‘Good morning! Good day! Good evening!’ Soon, they’ll toot their horn as they pass you on the road. It won’t take you long to realize how much Jamaican culture is about community. And as Treasure Beach becomes your stamping ground, you’ll really be able to explore it.


    You’ll feel at home in the villa, itself, too—because it is your home, for the duration of your stay. The villa experience allows you to tap into the dream that a lot of people have of living in another place; you’re able to spread out, to expand, to let your hair down, to really put an imprint on the space and make it your own.


    Read more: https://www.jakeshotel.com/villas

    There’s a magnetic quality here that has, for decades, attracted creatives of all stripes. Fleming, who suffered from writer’s block, created the James Bond character while at GoldenEye—and wrote another Bond adventure during every winter. Sting wrote the hit, ‘Every Breath You Take’ and Bono wrote the theme song to the GoldenEye film while here.


    The artists, writers and musicians from around the world who first visited while Fleming was in residence kept coming when Island Record’s founder, Chris Blackwell, acquired the property during the 1970s. Soon, the original Fleming Villa didn’t have enough rooms. So, he began to build.


    Read more: https://www.goldeneye.com/stay/


    Sea Star is the latest addition to the ultra-luxurious villas located on the world famous Blue Lagoon strip. Nestled between the lush vegetation of Portland and the sparkling Caribbean Sea is this exquisite 5-bedroom waterfront villa Sea Star. You will find the atmosphere serene and calm, yet there are many activities to do. The property boasts a well-trained staff of 3 (chef, butler and housekeeper) who promise to pamper you with first class service.


    Read more: http://www.seastarjamaica.com/

    18 Acre Nature Sanctuary with 2 Private Beaches, a true eco-tourism destination! Relax in one of our secluded Beach Front Jamaican Cottages, let our professional guides take you on the ADVENTURE of your life to share some of the hidden treasures we have found over the past 29+ years living in Jamaica. Spend your Jamaica Vacation with us! Great escape for family reunions, weddings and honeymoons, romantic weekend getaways, company and family fun days, as well as our adventure tours!


    Read more: http://www.strawberryfieldstogether.com/